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Introducing The Oceanic Collection™

Our newest innovative collection is influenced by the tides with unique linear movement in each slab.

Oceanic Collection Oakmoor

Earthy and organic, Oakmoor™ captures muted tones of cream, tan, and caramel drifting alongside linear waves of graduated grays reminiscent of stately wood aged to perfection.

Slab of Oakmoor
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Oceanic Collection Roxwell

Complex and flowing, Roxwell™ presents elegant serpentine swaths of gray dappled with white, black, and charcoal flecks, and a hint of sparkle to create the fascinating effect of a wave-kissed sandy beach.

Slab of Roxwell
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Marble Collection Brittanicca

Vast and expansive, Brittanicca™ offers a velvety marbled background of neutral white that provides a stage on which gray streams meander among intertwining ashen veins dotted with veiled charcoal sparkles.

Slab of Brittanicca
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Marble Collection Ella

Combining classic marble beauty with legendary strength, Ella™ features a dimensional lattice of delicate dove-gray streams permeating throughout a creamy marbled backdrop.

Slab of Ella
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